Economic Development/Business Services

Economic Development/Business Services

Central Georgia EMC shows commitment to the community through economic development. CGEMC works closely with the local chambers of commerce, industrial development authorities, and other organizations.

Working in partnership with local economic development provides us the opportunity to make a positive impact on the communities that we serve.

Ways we make a positive impact on our communities:

  •  Support of Local Chambers of Commerce
  •  Retention and expansion of existing industry
  •  Recruitment of new business and industry
  •  Development of industrial site resources
  •  Development of electrical and telecommunications infrastructure

If your business is looking to relocate or expand in Georgia, be sure to visit:





Central Georgia EMC has a number of programs designed to assist the special needs of our commercial, industrial and agricultural consumer-members. These services include energy audits, value engineering, process audits and power quality and surge suppression assistance. Listed here are brief descriptions of these services, but for more information on how you can benefit please give us a call.


Energy Audits
Now more than ever, energy audits have the capability of generating real savings for companies. These savings can be in the form of electric, gas or other utility costs. The recommendations are typically split to include reviews of the lighting, heating, ventilation, and cooling, building envelope, hot water, compressed air, motors, cooking, and refrigeration.

To assist in evaluating the opportunities and setting your priorities, savings tables and a listing of the paybacks are included with the recommendations. This table will help prioritize and budget for your energy savings. Since many of the recommendations will entail no cost, the payback and savings can start immediately.

Value Engineering
Often the best time to change the equipment you will use in your facility is right before you build it. By looking at the plans for a facility, our specialists can perform an energy audit and make recommendations for changes in the specified design and equipment. These changes have much quicker payback when compared to retrofit applications and are justified comparing the future energy savings and the incremental cost differences.

Process Audits
When and how you use your energy can be as important as how much energy you use. For this reason, it is important to understand the impact various equipment can have on your energy bills. Sometimes adjusting the time a piece of equipment is used can have a dramatic affect on your bills.

Other benefits can come by comparing different technologies to accomplish the desired task or process. Sometimes a gas or electro-technology can better serve the process and provide side benefits such as heat for other processes or reduced pollution impact.


Power Quality and Surge Suppression
With the electronic equipment you depend on today, it is more important than ever to assure that the power you use is kept clean. It is estimated that over 90 percent of power problems are the result of equipment located in and around the facility. Our specialists can work with you in identifying the type of problem, the cause of the problem and provide recommendations for remediation. They can also make evaluations and recommendations regarding protection of your equipment from lightning surges and phase loss.

Power Factor Analysis
Central Georgia EMC, like most electric distribution utilities, monitors the power factor of its system and that of its larger customers. This information helps us in planning our system needs, but it can also be useful in assisting members in sizing capacitor needs within their own facilities. In addition to just good electrical management, correcting your power factor can help you avoid poor (below 90 percent) power factor penalties.

Historical and Daily Load Profiles
– How much power did you use this month compared to the same month last year?
– What does your usage pattern look like over the course of a day?
– Could the load management initiatives help your business?
– If you turn on a new machine at the same time each morning, what effect will it have on your bill?

With the use of our historical data and our interval metering, we can assist you in looking at your usage patterns and help you answer these questions. This information can be helpful in the areas of production planning, new equipment planning, cost accounting, and budgeting.