Green Power EMC Energy Education Program

Green Power EMC Energy Education Program


Georgia’s EMCs, together with Green Power EMC, developed its Energy Education Program in 2005 as a partner in education program providing an in-class solar learning laboratory for students across the state. The program provides participating schools with on-site solar panels and the software necessary to study energy produced by the sun. 

Central Georgia EMC participates in the program with solar panel systems at

  • Henderson Middle School, Jackson, GA

  • Locust Grove Middle School, Locust Grove, GA

  • Jasper County High School, Monticello, GA

  • Monroe County Middle School, Forsyth, GA

The program features the latest in solar technology, with solar systems, and monitoring software. Students use the real-time data and learning laboratory to gain a better understanding of some of the challenges and opportunities of renewable energy. 


To see historical generation output for the Schools in the program, click here (requires Flash Player)

If you are an educator with solar power installations at your facility, click here.

If you are a school administrator and would like more information about how to participate in the Green Power EMC Energy Education Program, contact Christy Chewning at or 770-775-7857.