New Home Rebates

New Home Rebates

Central Georgia Electric Membership Corporation is offering rebates up to*$700 for the construction of new homes with total electric service.

  • *$200 refund of CIAC (Contribution in Aid of Construction) fees.
  • *$250 rebate for an Energy Star®  (15 SEER or greater) total electric heat pump.
  • *$250 rebate for heat pump water heater or solar water heater.

New Home Rebate Form

Before receiving the new home rebate, a Central Georgia EMC representative will visit the home to verify rebate requirements.

Applicants will need to agree to participate in Central Georgia EMC’s Load Management Switch program. A Central Georgia EMC representative will install the load management switch on both the qualifying heat pump compressor and a qualifying water heater.


Central Georgia EMC will inspect all upgraded measures before a rebate is processed. All rebates payments are mailed to the qualifying customer. The rebate program is for work completed in 2020 and is not retroactive or prospective. Rebates end on December 21, 2020.