Request a Speaker

Request a Speaker

Central Georgia Electric Membership Corporation welcomes the opportunity to engage with our customer-owners and the communities we serve.  Our programs are designed to educate our youth on electrical safety and to help consumers of all ages to use electricity wisely.  To request a speaker or learn more, just fill out the form below.

Central Georgia EMC's Community Presentations

  • Safety Town:  Our Safety Town demonstration walks students through real-life electrical safety scenarios, including: 

    • Do you know how to be safe around electricity?

    • Where should you go during a lightning storm? 

    • What should you do if you find a downed power line? 

    • How can birds stand on power lines without getting shocked? 

  • School Career Days: CGEMC representatives attend local career days to talk about careers in the energy pathway. 

  • Science Fair judging. 

  • Conservation, Cooperative Solar, and renewable energy. 

  • Bucket truck demonstrations for elementary schools.

  • Bucket truck for egg drops at elementary schools. 














Please note:  Please submit requests at least one month before the engagement.  Presentations will be granted based on employee availability.  Requesting organizations must be located within Central GA EMC's service area.  Due to the nature of the utility industry, on rare occasions, a speaker presentation may be canceled last minute due to unforeseen circumstances.  If this occurs, the primary event contact will be notified as soon as possible. 


Request A Speaker