Is Rooftop Solar Right for Me?

Is Rooftop Solar Right for Me?

Do you own your home?

You must own the property.

Does a significant portion of your roof face south?

Ideally, panels should face south.

Is your roof in good condition?

Your roof must be able to support a solar system installation.

Does your property get full sun or have only minimal shading by trees, buildings, and other structures?

A solar powered system needs as much exposure to the sun as possible to be cost effective.

Is your property free from deed restrictions on solar energy systems?

Check with your homeowner's association. If there are restrictions, you may be able to pursue an architectural review with your neighborhood association to amend the restrictions.

Do you have access to funds needed and is the payback period acceptable?

Special financing is available through our HomePlus Loan Program. See sample cost projections at

If you answered yes to all of the questions above a solar powered system may be right for you!

You can find valuable information regarding system variances, sizing, and return on investment (ROI) tools at and approved contractors at

If you answered no to any of these questions, Cooperative Solar might be right for you!