Surge Protection

Surge Protection

From flat-screen televisions to computers, refrigerators, and even blenders, our homes are loaded with electronic equipment that could be damaged by a power surge – a momentary rise in the flow of electricity. In normal household wiring, the standard voltage is 120 volts. When the voltage rises above this level, this is considered a power surge.

The electronic devices that are common in our homes today contain many delicate components that are vulnerable to power surges. Microprocessors, which are an integral part of all computers as well as many home appliances, are particularly sensitive to surges.



The TES240 MSA Surge Arrester is installed at the wattmeter location for residential applications. The TES240 MSA Surge Arrester is specifically designed for long lifetimes, even with strong lightning activity and temporary line overvoltage conditions. The TES240 MSA provides whole home protection.

Available for lease: $5.75 / month plus tax. If you are interested in leasing an MSA Surge Arrestor, please call us at 770-775-7857.

Also available is the TES 240R.

Residential MSA Potential Warranty Claim?

If you suspect a surge and one or both of those lights on the MSA are out, call our office immediately at 770-775-7857 for replacement of a “damaged” TESCO surge arrestor.  If you have a potential warranty claim, please refer to the Residential Warranty Information above to guide you through the warranty submission process.