You can easily pay your electric bill by phone with our Tele-link system by calling (770) 775-7857 or 1-800-222-4877 and selecting option 2.

With the Tele-link system, the customer does not have to press any number keys; commands can be spoken directly to the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system.

Tele-link makes paying your bill simple:

  • 24-hour access from any touch-tone phone

  • Checks, credit cards, or debit cards are accepted

  • No more trips to the post office; save time and money

  • Payment is posted to your account within minutes

  • A confirmation number is given to assure that your payment has been received


To make a payment by Tele-link:

  • You will need your checkbook, credit card, or debit card.
  • Have a copy of your CGEMC electric bill handy, or at least the account number located in the upper left corner of the bill.

  • Call 770-775-7857 and select option 2.

  • Note: At any time during the call, Tele-link can provide a quick connection to a customer service representative or system operations.

  • After an introductory message, the IVR system will prompt you to speak or input your account number, your payment type, and amount. Listen carefully because sometimes the exact steps to follow will change.

  • The IVR system will read back/verify your account number, your payment type, and the amount that will be credited to your account.

  • After a few moments, the IVR system will give you a confirmation number. Do not hang up until you receive the confirmation number, so you will know your transaction was correctly completed.