What is a Cooperative?

What is a Cooperative?


  • A Cooperative is a voluntary contractual organization of persons having a mutual ownership interest in providing themselves a needed service on a non-profit basis.

  • A Cooperative is democratic member control which implies the principle of an open, voluntary membership with control exercised on the basis of one vote per customer-owner rather than multiple votes according to capital investment in the organization.

  • A Cooperative operates on a cost of doing business basis. This is the fundamental reason for co-op existence. We meet the needs of the people at the lowest practicable net cost.

As the explanation of a Cooperative implies, Central Georgia Electric Membership Corporation receives purpose and legitimacy from two different directions. First, the State of Georgia passed laws which allow Central Georgia EMC to incorporate as a Cooperative. This state activity provided the charter which enabled the customer-owners to form Central Georgia Electric Membership Corporation. Second, the Board of Directors exercises democratic control, as authorized by the membership. Every year, customer-owners elect 2-3 directors for three-year terms. Customer-owners participate in major decisions and run the corporation through the Board of Directors. Central Georgia EMC customer-owners elect directors at the Annual Meeting, which is usually held the first Wednesday of each August.

Graphic of how the cooperative works